Home Offices

Get organised! Work or study in a space designed for productivity…

Not just another day at the office. Create the perfect work/study/play environment.

Home Offices & Studies

If you have an unused space in your home, a home office or home study can be the perfect addition. A home office is useful because you can turn a previously unused space into a functional and stylish workplace with the added benefit of never being far from your family or a place to relax. Exceptional Kitchens design bespoke offices to fit your requirements; from purpose built rooms to utilising small spaces, each office is built with you in mind.

The range of office designs we provide is chosen for its versatility, functionality, and, most importantly, style. We can bespoke manufacture a complete range of office furniture, from stylish fitted desks with matching shelving to space saving cabinets and book cases and shelving systems. We’ll design your office/study with you from start to finish.

Design & Manufacturing Process

We listen to your ideas and requirements, measure your space and present our proposal so you can envisage how it will look in your home. We’ll provide a clear, inclusive quote for the work so you can be sure of the total cost of a project for your peace of mind, and once accepted we’ll manufacture the furniture off site to fit the space available so you can be sure of a flawless finish.

Bespoke furniture can be customised to suit your business or study needs. Whether you work from home, or just need somewhere to house your computer equipment and organise your books and papers, we can design the perfect fully fitted home office furniture solution.

Custom Made Home Office Furniture

We can create the perfect plan of shelving, cupboard space, computer workspace and drawer space to match your needs. A fitted home office is the perfect way to store all those important documents and create a stylish new room or space in your home.